Terminal Information

The Bellingham Shipping Terminal, specializing in bulk and break bulk cargoes, has a solid reputation for efficient cargo handling and distribution in the Pacific Northwest. The terminal is also available for lay-berthing of large vessels. For information about the terminal, contact the port's Business Development Manager or Marine Terminals Manager at 360-676-2500.
Channel depth 32 feet 9.75 meters
Berthing space 1,250 feet 381.0 meters
Outer berth depth (two berths) 30.5 feet 9.4 meters
Inner barge berth length 550 feet 167.6 meters
Inner barge berth depth 26 feet 7.9 meters
Average tidal range 8 feet 2.5 meters
Open storage Approximately 10 acres Approximately 4 hectares
Covered storage 85,000 square feet 7,900 square meters
Back-up land (black-topped, fenced, patrolled) 17 acres 6.9 hectares