General Aviation Development RFP

Bellingham International Airport General Aviation Request for Proposals

  • Any modifications to the RFP, as well as any questions and their answers will be posted on this webpage.
  • Changes, Modifications and submitted Questions with Answers will be listed below.
  • It is the responsibility of the proposer to check this site regularly for updated information.
  • All Environmental and Historical Documents can be found in the GA Development Project Document Center
  • The deadline to submit proposals for this RFP has passed.
Questions and Answers Submitted Pertaining to this RFP:

  1. Can the Port please provide the most recent land survey for the site?
    The Port is able to provide the most recent legal description of the site.
  2. Can the Port please provide the most recent soil analysis report for the site?
    The Port is able to provide a 2003 Soil and Groundwater Sampling Report, a 2005 Environmental Baseline Survey, and a Re-Certification of the 2005 Environmental Baseline Survey.  The Port is also providing letters of no further action from the Department of Ecology from 2004 and 2005.
  3. Does the Port have any surveys that show the grade / land height or variation?
    The only documentation the Port has that shows any of the land height variation is a topographical map found in the 2005 Environmental Baseline Survey.
  4. Does the Port already have companies interested in leasing this space?
    The Port is allowing the chosen developer to attract the General Aviation tenants to this area once developed.
  5. How much is the Port going to charge for the land and other infrastructure costs?
    This will be negotiated by the Port and the successful proposer.
  6. Is the Port going to help fund building any of these buildings?
    The Developer will be responsible for funding all construction on the site execpt for the connector to Taxiway A.
  7. Has the Port received a request for a big hangar? If so by whom?  And is this company the anticipated new tenant?
    The Port is amenable to the developer attracting its own tenants for the proposed hangar and ramp space.
  8. Are there any plans for an aviation school?
    There are no specific plans for an aviation school, but any GA related activity, with the exception of a new FBO, would be considered acceptable by the Port.
  9. Are there any plans for a restaurant?
    The current Airport Master Plan requires this area to be for GA only; a proposal for a restaurant serving the GA area will be considered and subject to FAA approval as part of the new Master Plan.
  10. How many new flights or users will this site develop for the Port?
    That will be dependent upon the tenants the Developer plans to attract to this space.

Proposals Due September 2, 2016,

at 12:00pm PDT

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