'It's Mine' at Bellingham International Airport

Native artwork at Bellingham International Airport

"It's Mine" is a horizontal story pole on display at the Bellingham International Airport carved by Lummi Nation artist Felix Solomon

This story pole depicts two Coast Salish fishermen in a shovel-nosed canoe, pursuing a salmon with a gaff hook. At the other end of the story pole is a serpent chasing the salmon. According to Lummi artist Felix Solomon, the serpent represents everything difficult about putting salmon on the table including: 1. overfishing, 2. the over fertilization of farmlands resulting in fertilizer entering water and creating algae which negatively impacts aquatic life, and 3. clear-cut logging practices which eliminate the shade salmon need to survive and fill rivers with mud and debris which scour out fish eggs and makes in harder for salmon to feed.   

Native artwork at the Bellingham International Airport