Onsite Parking

There are two public parking lots for the Downtown Waterfront – the lot along the pump track on Granary Avenue, and the lot at the end of the BoardMill Building on W Laurel Street. Along with the two lots, parking along Granary Avenue & W Laurel Street is all free street parking.  All parking at the Downtown Waterfront is shared with customers for the tenants in the Granary Building and the Portal Container Village.  

Downtown Parking

We highly encourage attendees to use alternative parking options in the adjacent areas, they are less than a 10 minute walk to the site. Options include the Commercial Street Parking Garage, the Railroad Garage, The Central Lot above Maritime Heritage Park, and the Depot Market Lot. 


You don't need a car to get around! Traveling by bus can save you money and reduce stress, traffic congestion, and environmental impact.


Their friendly drivers can pick you up or drop you off at your desired destination, this will eliminate your hassle of trying to find parking!  


We are a bike friendly city, with plenty of bike racks to lock up your bikes!