Shipbuilding in Fairhaven

Previous Companies
The following shipbuilding companies operated at one time on the old port property in Fairhaven.

United Boatbuilders
Started in 1957, United Boatbuilders (Uniflite) moved to Fairhaven in 1959. By 1967, it was the largest fiberglass boat-producer by sales in the United States, employing 400 workers and maintaining a number of contracts with the U.S. Navy. After the main building was destroyed in a fire on April 8, 1980, Uniflite took a major setback, merging with Chris-Craft in 1984.

Chris-Craft opened a Fairhaven location in 1984 and left the site in 1989.

Tolly-Craft Yacht Corporation
The Tolly-Craft Yacht Corporation operated at Fairhaven after Chris-Craft left until 1993.

Padden Creek Marine
Padden Creek Marine operated from 1993 to May of 2006. It was started by two boat-builders, Duff McDaniel and Vic Duppenthaler, who met at Uniflite.

Current Companies
The following are shipbuilding companies still in operation in Fairhaven.

Aluminum Chambered Boats
Aluminum Chambered Boats joined Padden Creek Marine at the site in 1998.

Seaview Boatyards
Seaview Boatyards has been located at Squalicum Harbor since 2002. The company began additional Fairhaven operations in May of 2007.

Norstar Yachts
Started by Gary Nordtvedt, son of Art Nordtvedt, Norstar Yachts moved to its Fairhaven location in 2009. Norstar specializes in building custom yachts.