Salmon Preservation

Salmon Enhancement Pens
Perhaps one of the first acts of conscientious environmental protection taken by the Port of Bellingham was setting aside space for coho salmon enhancement pens after the construction of the Inner Basin at Squalicum Harbor. These pens have since become ongoing projects at multiple locations around the Port of Bellingham and have drawn together diverse coalitions of volunteer supporters.

Bellingham Bay Demonstration Pilot
In 1996, the port was selected as co-manager for the Bellingham Bay Demonstration Pilot, a cooperative partnership of 14 federal, state, local, and tribal agencies brought together for the purpose of strategic environmental planning for the future of Bellingham’s waters. Since then, the pilot program has developed a comprehensive strategy identifying contaminants, sources of pollution, and potential solutions.

Portsfield Program
In 2003, the port won a major victory in the struggle to turn the Bellingham Bay Demonstration Project’s plans into reality with its selection to take part in the Portsfield program administered by the federal government - a privilege only bestowed upon two other ports across the nation.