Designing a Clean Ocean Marina

Although the construction of a new Downtown Marina is in the future phases of the Waterfront District redevelopment project, early design ideas and a demand analysis have been done to help with the planning efforts.

Planning Partners
The port worked with marina experts, habitat specialists, public park professionals, environmental advocates, planners, architects, and community advocates to design a sustainable marina that best meets the community's needs. In 2004, the Waterfront Futures Group completed their work, with a final report showing a marina in the Aerated Stabilization Basin (ASB) lagoon.

Since then, many people have offered suggestions on designing a marina that better serves boats, public parks, or habitat restoration. The port is listening to these good ideas and working hard to design a marina that best balances the community's desire for boat slips, habitat restoration, and public access.

Brainstorming Session
On March 28, 2006, the port hosted a brainstorming session to help design the new marina. This meeting was attended by over 20 marina experts, habitat specialists, public park professionals, planners, environmental advocates, architects, and community advocates. City and port staff helped the group understand the benefits and opportunities of a new marina as part of the New Whatcom planning effort. View more information about this brainstorming session.

Demand Analysis
Review the demand analysis for the new downtown marina. This report was endorsed by the port's Marina Advisory Committee at the January 13, 2009, meeting and was presented to the Port Commission at a regular public meeting on January 20, 2009.