Upcoming Auction Notice

Squalicum Harbor

(1) Vessel:                        WN6986 RF

Description:                      31 Foot  Fiberglass Outboard

Last Known Owner:          Shawn Griffin

Last Known Address:        100 Riverview Rd  #234  Lynden WA  98264-1477

(2 Vessel:                        WN5433 JE

Description:                       25  Foot Sailboat

Last Known Owner:          Thomas Frazier

Last Known Address:       1740 Ashley Rd   Kalispell,  MT  59901

Date of Sale:                  Aug. 11, 2022

Time of Sale:                   3:00PM

Place of Sale:                 Squalicum Harbor Office

                                         722 Coho Way  Bellingham, WA 98225