Geotechnical & Foundation Considerations

Geo-Engineers Report for The Waterfront District
The purpose of this report was to provide preliminary foundation considerations for the type of
development envisioned for the Downtown Waterfront Area, the Log Pond Area, and the Shipping
Terminal Area. The scope of services included:
  • Review of the pertinent sections of the EIS and Draft Sub-Area Plan 2010
  • Compilation and review of geotechnical data at the site and preparation of generalized subsurface profiles for each of the three sub-areas for this report
  • Preliminary geotechnical analyses related to ground performance under static and seismic loading
  • Collaboration with a structural engineer (KingWorks Consulting Engineers) regarding typical foundation loading, foundation alternatives and cost information
  • Alternatives analysis of various ground improvement and foundation types for the buildings envisioned for the initial/transitional build-out of each sub-area
  • Discussions with specialty contractors
  • Presentation of summary data and conclusions regarding foundation support and ground
    improvement strategies and associated preliminary incremental costs