Contracting with the Port

The Port of Bellingham works with a diverse range of businesses who participate in public works contracting and personal and professional service opportunities. The Port advertises projects in the Bellingham Herald and other journals as necessary depending on the type of project. Click here to search for opportunities listed on the Port's website.  

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Awarded Contracts
Per Revised Code of Washington (RCW) 53.08.440, find below a list of contracts awarded by type.

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For More Information
To learn how your business can submit bids or proposals for port contracts, please contact Engineering at 360-676-2500.

Obligation to Report Employees Who Used Early Retirement Factors; Liability for Failure to Report. 
The Port is an employer of one or more members of the Washington State Department of Retirement Systems (DRS). As a DRS covered employer, the Port is required to advise DRS of any retiree performing services for the Port who has used the 2008 Early Retirements Factors (ERFs) to retire early and is under age 65. Workers meeting these factors cannot perform services in any capacity for a DRS-covered employer and continue to receive a pension benefit (WAC 415-02-325).

Concurrently with the execution of any contract and prior to commencing work, Contractor/Consultant/Vendor shall verify if any person performing work on their behalf has retired from a DRS employer using ERFs. Contractor/Vendor/Consultant must report any such persons to the Port by:  (1) completing the DRS Contractor or Third-Party Worker Retirement Status Verification form that can be downloaded by following this link ( and (2) emailing it to or mailing it to Port of Bellingham Payroll at 1801 Roeder Ave, Suite 146 – Bellingham, WA 98225.

If Contractor/Consultant/Vendor fails to timely report any employee who used ERFs to the Port in accordance with this requirement, Contractor/Consultant/Vendor shall be liable for all assessments issued to the Port by DRS and all legal fees and costs incurred by the Port in connection with such assessment. Contractor/Consultant/Vendor agrees that the Port may deduct such amounts from any amounts that may be owed to Contractor/Consultant/Vendor.  Any additional amounts owed will be paid to the Port within fifteen (15) days of receiving an invoice from the Port.