Whatcom County  Business and Commerce Committee

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Whatcom County Business and Commerce Committee is an advisory committee identifying issues that impact our economy and businesses.  This committee was created by the Whatcom County Council and is facilitated by the Port’s Regional Economic Partnership.

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Regular mtg scheduled on September 20 at 11am via ZOOM

About the Committee

The Committee advises the Whatcom County Council on regulations and policies that could impact local businesses, industry, or economic development. Committee members will review, develop, and provide recommendations on comprehensive plans and proposals that directly impact business and economic conditions in Whatcom County. Focus is given to efforts to improve business conditions, environment and infrastructure, and ensuring the county applies a client-focused approach to supporting businesses with regulations, permitting, and planning.

Committee Eligibility

Must live in and be registered to vote in Whatcom County. Members are appointed to 4-year terms. The committee meets monthly.

Currently there are two voting member vacancies open in the sectors of manufacturing and food processing.

For an application or additional information on vacancies contact:

Whatcom County Council Office, 311 Grand Ave, Suite 105, Bellingham, WA, 360.778.5010