About the Climate Action Strategy


The Port of Bellingham has developed a Climate Action Strategy (Strategy) to mitigate for and adapt to the effects of climate change, with an early focus on greenhouse gas mitigation and sea level rise. 

We invite your review and input on the Strategy until June 7, 2023 at

The Port has already taken significant steps on these issues, by increasing energy efficiency and reducing waste across its extensive aviation, maritime and real estate operations, and beginning to integrate new sea level rise modeling in capital projects. Developing a Climate Action Strategy will help the Port build on these important efforts and enhance community, environmental and economic health for future generations. The Strategy is adaptable and iterative as Port operations change and mitigation and adaptation approaches evolve.  

Recently, we finalized our Vulnerability Assessment to include a detailed Exposure, Sensitivity and Adaptive Capacity Analysis (ESA) focused on sea level rise and storm surges for a high priority area - our Maintenance shop and yard. This ESA will be used as a pilot for other high priority areas. Using modeling from the USGS, the Port has developed a GIS-based sea level rise web viewer. This information is currently being used internally for implementation of our Climate Action Strategy. 

The Port's Climate team has worked with all divisions to identify specific actions to accomplish the climate action goals and strategies. 

See Key Work Products Page for the links to these completed documents. 

What’s Happening Now

Currently, the Port project team is working to:

  • Respond to all comments on the Strategy provided at the link above. 
  • Implement priority actions such as more EV charging stations, incorporate Sea Level Rise modeling into construction projects and perform numerous feasibility studies for solar array installations throughout Port property. 
  • Finalize the Coastal Storm Modeling System (CoSMoS) web viewer for community use. 

 This webpage will be regularly updated - please check back soon or contact us for more info. 

Dales Fairhaven photo