How will the Port choose a developer?
The Port will have a selection committee that will include a representative from the City, the County, Western Washington University, Port project staff and our development consultant. This committee will evaluate the RFP responses to determine: the capacity and ability of the developer, the development concept and the proposed transaction itself. Then the committee will make a recommendation to the Port Commission. Ultimately, the Commission will be charged with approving the selection and all transactions.
The goals for the type of development concept are:
• Encompasses most or all of the Initial Development Opportunity;
• Defines phasing plan for investment and project build-out, including criterion and/or factors that will be used to activate each phase
.• Strives to achieve a high level of sustainability, not only for individual buildings, but on a Waterfront District-wide level;
• Strives for enduring and high-quality job creation;
• Seeks to hide parking by minimizing surface parking and employing approaches to place it in structures, below grade, or wrapping/tucking it with pedestrian friendly uses; and
• Demonstrates pedestrian orientation and provides and enhances coordination and connectivity both among individual uses in the Waterfront District and between the Waterfront District, Old Town, Downtown, and other surrounding areas.

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