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Bellingham Dockside Market Fishing Vendor Application

  1. Bellingham Dockside Market, a program of the Port of Bellingham, launched in October 2020. Bellingham Dockside Market creates access for the community to buy seafood directly from local fishermen.

    The Market will take place 2 times a month on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of the month.

    Bellingham Dockside Market is guided by the following four CORE VALUES:

    1. Gratitude to Indigenous Peoples
    Participants of Bellingham Dockside Market recognize that the market takes place on the traditional and ancestral land of the Lummi people.
    Further, we recognize that seafood sold at the market is harvested from:
    Lummi Nation
    Makah Nation
    Quileute Nation
    Yup'ik Peoples
    Lingit Aani

    2. Connection with Fishing Families
    Bellingham Dockside Market offers Whatcom County an opportunity to know not only where your seafood comes from, but also who is harvesting it.

    3. Seafood & Fishing Education
    Fishermen at Bellingham Dockside Market share their knowledge of the:
    History, geography, economics, management, and methods of their fishery.
    Biology and health benefits of their seafood and the preparation of their product.
    Conservation concerns and initiatives of regions where they harvest.

    4. Sustainability & Small Business Practices
    Dockside Market Vendors agree that ALL:
    - Fish is wild caught.
    - Shellfish and any ocean harvest products are sustainably grown and harvested.
    - Seafood is sold directly by commercial fishermen involved in the fishery as captain, crew, family operation, or permit holder. If fulfilling one of those roles listed, a vendor may also sell product directly from other commercial fishers who also practice and support these values IF that product is not already sold at the market. Fishermen will not source products already sold at the market by a fisherman who catches it him/herself.

    Do you agree to uphold the Core Values of Bellingham Dockside Market?*

  2. What is your preferred form of communication (check all that apply)?*
  3. Do you agree to follow Vendor Terms & Conditions of: 1 - Recognizing and respecting diversity in ALL forms (race, religion, sexuality, gender) and welcoming customers and vendors of all backgrounds and identities. 2 - Priority participation given to a local harvester with local product 3 - Any product unable to be traced to its origin or harvester will not be accepted.*
  4. Do you harvest your own seafood?*
  5. Are you hoping to sell any sourced seafood (caught by someone else)?*
  6. Will you be selling processed seafood (anything that is not live or fresh)?*
  7. What months of the year do you foresee participating in Bellingham Dockside Market?*
  8. Will you be using a scale to weigh out your product for sale?*
  9. If yes, is your scale legal for trade?
  10. Are your scale(s) endorsed / registered with your business through the Department of Revenue?
  11. Have you had your annual scale inspection through the Department of Agriculture?
  12. Vendors may sell their product on-land or from their boat. We have limited vendor space on land, and this option may not be available. Will you sell your product from your vessel (dockside) or from the shore (shoreside)?*
  13. Do you pay for permanent moorage (year-round) for your vessel at one of the harbors (Squalicum or Blaine) managed by the Port of Bellingham?*
  14. If invited to participate in Bellingham Dockside Market, do you agree to complete all paperwork in advance, pay the yearly Business License Permit fee ($100), and provide proof of insurance?*
  15. If invited to participate, do you agree to cross-promote Bellingham Dockside Market through your marketing/communication channels (i.e. social media posts, email newsletters, etc.)?*
  16. Do you agree to attend occasional vendor meetings, as necessary?*
  17. I am interested in participating in the Vendor Review Committee to help screen future Dockside applicants (Optional).*
  18. I agree to provide the Coordinator with my product list no later than 48 hours before market days*
  19. I have read over the Permit and Document Checklist (linked on the Dockside website) with information about fisheries, business, health department, and Port permitting
  20. I have received and read over the Bellingham Dockside Market Vendor Handbook.*
  21. By clicking YES below, you agree that everything in the vendor application is true and understand that participation in Bellingham Dockside Market may be terminated at any time.*
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